1882 Foundation offers seasonal, flexible internship opportunities for students at the college/graduate and senior high school levels.

Please email us at info@1882foundation.org for any inquiries.

Current & Past Interns


Beth Zhao — George Mason University, Class of 2020

Linda Wen — Georgetown University, Class of 2021

Margo Huang — University of Pennsylvania, Master of Science

Michelle Zhu — Georgetown University, Class of 2021

Ricardo Botero — James Madison University, Class of 2018

Allison May — George Mason University, Class of 2019


Jennifer Sugijanto — Georgetown University, Class of 2020

Patrick Lim — Visiting Georgetown University Student, Class of 2018

Summer 2017 intern Patrick Lim mans 1882's table during the Asian American Literature Festival
Summer 2017 intern Jennifer gives a brief presentation to OCA interns on current 1882 Foundation initiatives
Summer 2017 intern Jennifer Sugijanto films and takes notes during 188's 6/25 Talk Story