Return to Gold Mountain Tour

About Walk in the footsteps of Chinese railroad workers on this historic interpretive tour and teachers’ workshop through America’s Sierra Nevada mountains. Along the way, you will discover Chinese American history and visit culturally significant sites such as Summit Tunnel, China Wall, Bloomer Cut, and more. The 2-day/1-night tour is organized by the 1882 Foundation in partnership with the US Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. The University of California Davis History Project will also offer a K-12 Teachers’ Workshop as a part…

Youth to Youth: Rewriting American History

  Join the 1882 Education Team of interns virtually for a unique talk story event on Sunday, August 7th from 2-3:30 pm! This talk story will showcase and explore different projects and missions incorporating the Asian American past into the overarching American history.   The link to register is the following:;!!IaT_gp1N!wZETuc5wYk_KiaCV8D732vam27mi_NkfrMb9LgWhwKjijC94HwYgy5rGFb0lcWOSa0HkYUDM2oxj5flTqms$   *Videos can be accessed on the Youtube channel after the event*

Youth to Youth: Rewriting American History

At this link you will find the series of videos from our Education Team: . Each video details each member's individual education plan.


ACHP Preservation Fellowship

1882 Foundation is happy to share some good news.  The ACHP and ACHP Foundation is accepting applicants for a national public policy fellowship for historic preservation. The 21st Century Preservation Leaders Fellowship will bring a promising young preservation professional to Washington DC to work with national preservation agencies and organizations in the development and execution of public preservation policy. The Fellowship is designed to diversify the field of preservation by providing early-career practitioners that demonstrate preservation interest and leadership potential with a deep immersion in…

Between Black and White

Registration for in-person attendance or Zoom link