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U.S. Senate Apologizes for Chinese Exclusion Act

U.S. Senate Apologizes for Chinese Exclusion Act by Dan Margolis October 11 2011 It's been 129 years since the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was passed, but the Oct. 6 Senate resolution apologizing for it was welcomed nonetheless. The resolution also apologizes for other anti-Chinese legislation enacted in the subsequent 60 years and puts the Senate on record as affirming for Chinese and other Asian immigrants the same civil rights afforded other nationalities. "The enactment of Chinese Exclusionary laws is a shameful part of our history…

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Comments on Resolutions Condemning Chinese Exclusion Laws

POPVOX User Comments Supporting a Resolution “Expressing regret for laws that adversely affected the Chinese in the US including the Chinese Exclusion Act” PopVox is a web-based medium that tracks pending legislation in Congress. It allows citizens to express their opinion for or against proposed legislation. In the final weekend before the House vote on the House Resolution to condemn the 1882 Act and laws of exclusion, PopVox recorded the following user comments. Except when included in the body of message, indicators of the person’s…