Video Collections

The 1882 Foundation has collected videos that highlight the many histories of Chinese American contributions in the US, often overlooked in public history.

“Flashback: Oral Histories of D.C. Chinatown” is a joint project between filmmaker Penny Lee and 1882 Foundation, with support from HumanitiesDC, to share unpublished oral histories of residents of D.C.’s Chinatown. 

Talk Story refers to the set of activities and programs associated with collecting oral histories and preserving story sites. These include the monthly Talk Story Events and efforts to record and store oral histories. Talk Story encourages individuals to reveal their stories in their own words and to share them with others.

The 1882 Foundation organizes a gathering of Chinese American museums, historical societies and public and private agencies once a year in Washington, D.C. The annual events are called the “1882 Symposium.” This collection also includes other events, such as the Inter(n)generational Showcase presentations by summer interns.