Scott D. Seligman

DescriptionIn celebration of the 75th anniversary of the repeal of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, Scott D. Seligman returns to the 1882 Foundation Talk Stories. He shares a biographical overview of Wong Chin Foo, a 19th century Chinese American activist who worked tirelessly to bridge the cultural and legal divide between white Americans and Chinese immigrants.

Coverage (place):  Shandong Province; Washington, DC; Lewisburg, PA; New York, NY; Chicago, IL

Coverage (Gregorian calendar)1847–1898

Coverage (Chinese calendar): N/A

ThemeGovernment, Policy, and Activism

SubjectWong Chin Foo; The Chinese American / Beihua xin bao; Chinese Equal Rights League; Chinese Exclusion Legislation; Chinese Americans; Chinese American Advocates; Immigration Advocates; Civil Rights Workers; Emigration and Immigration; Citizenship; Representation; Racism; Social Justice; Baptists; Christians

Date17 December 2018

Format: MP4

Language: English


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