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You are currently viewing Symposium V – Appendix

Thank you for your interest in staying connected with the 1882 Foundation following Symposium V in May 2017. Below you can find more information on how to get involved with the 1882 Foundation – Tenement Museum collaboration with the 50 Objects Project, and the appendix documents available for your review.

Document Appendix:

A. AAPI Theme Study: linked below is the pre-publication file of the NPS AAPI Theme Study, edited and compiled by scholar and 1882 Foundation collaborator, Franklin Odo.

B. Smithsonian National Museum of American History Powerpoint Slides: linked below is Magdalena Mieri and Lauren Safranek’s powerpoint presentation, along with an executive summary, specifically focusing on the Many Voices, One Nation exhibit.

C. 50 Objects Project – 1882 Foundation x Tenement Museum: Contribute an object and a brief description of its significance to the Chinese American experience. As we collect our partner organizations’ objects and stories into 2018, we will develop a page with the Tenement Museum’s Your Story, Our Story platform to represent our stories.