Rita Jean Moy

DescriptionThis video shares the Talk Story of Rita Jean Moy, a Chinese-American descendant.  The first part of the Talk Story focuses on Rita’s visit to Taishan in 1982, the preparations it took to actually travel there, and meeting family.  The second part focuses on Rita and her friend visiting China again in 2017 to find the village ShanMei, the ancestral home of her grandfather, and the experiences she had in China while finding that village.  Other topics covered in Rita’s story include her family history and relationships, Chinese cuisine, the condition of Chinese towns, difficulty traveling in China, and her perception of Chinese culture.

Coverage (place)Taishan, Toishan, Duanfen, ShanMei, Washington D.C., Boston

Coverage (Gregorian calendar): 1982-2017 

Coverage (Chinese calendar): N/A

Theme: Family

Subject: Chinese Americans, Family history, Identity, Taishan region culture

Date: [?]

Format: MP4 video

Language: English


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