January 1, 2022


As the old year closes and a new year begins, I want to thank you for supporting our programs big and small throughout this last year and throughout our over ten years of activities as the 1882 Foundation.
Our first Talk Story event was held at the Chinatown Community Cultural Center in 2011. That year, Stan and I established the principle that we would hold an event once a month in DC Chinatown on a Chinese American subject. The principle would become fundamental. It has guided us even when we attracted only a dozen attendees (half of whom were the speaker’s family and always my loving wife Mohkeed). We have since organized national conferences and regional workshops. We have led in the recognition and registration of national historic places and promoted innovations and partnerships in how Chinese American history and heritage are taught.
This year, we start with an affirmation of our 10-year record and approach with an Andrew Mellon Foundation grant of $500,000 over 3 years. This grant allows us to build our physical space in DC Chinatown for a Storytelling Center and social workspace for APIA nonprofits, to nurture collaborations, and to strengthen storytelling capabilities.
The year 2022 is an inflection point for the 1882 Foundation.
But, those who know me (and those who have joined our journey) know I hate galas and formalities. I always prefer that we gather around a camp fire and share stories which is how I describe our Talk Story events our stories, our voices, our community strong. That spirit will guide us as our operations adjust to the tremendous change in complexity and size that will be coming this new year.

Happy New Year of the Tiger!
Ted Gong, Executive Director