On March 17, 2019, over 50 individuals attended our monthly Talk Story event on “Jooksings in China.” The 1882 Foundation was proud to host local community memberes Dan Lee, Helen Lew, and Rita Moy as they shared their experiences learning about their heritage and visiting China. 

The trio shared their experiences of being a “Jooksing” in China. The direct translation of Jooksing is “empty bamboo” and was often used as a derogatory term for those who look Asian in appearance, however, have adapted to Western culture. The term is often used amongst Jooksings in a humorous context and as a way to reclaim a term that was once deemed as offensive. The trio shared stories of their travels in China along with stories about their family history. Dan and Rita explored the Taishan area and explained how rice patties became lakes for luxury housing communities. They also attended ancestral and funeral ceremonies, one of which involved the roasting of a pig.

This event stressed the importance of learning about your roots through your family history as well as cultural immersion. Although Jooksings may be criticized by some for “forgetting” their culture, those who have knowledge of how they got to where they are, as well as experiences in the country their family once called home, they are able to “fill” their bamboo with understanding and appreciation of their heritage.

 If you were unable to attend this Talk Story, you can watch it here on our Facebook page!

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