Chinese American Experiences in History and Short Films: A Traveling Seminar

Join 1882 Foundation for the first installment of our traveling seminars. Seminars feature short documentary film screenings, expert speakers, discussions of key historical themes, and lesson plans for educators. The first session is geared towards teachers and the second session towards the general public (though all are welcome to attend either). The seminars will shed light on the Chinese American experience, what it means to be American, and why that story and that of all Asian Americans must be told. FIRST SESSION: Recruited, Excluded, and (sort…


CACA Meeting on Education, July 11, 2016

Meeting in Los Angeles over the course of two days, members of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance (CACA)  Education Committee drafted plans to produce a curriculum in 2017 around five key themes in Chinese American history. Immigration Building of the American Nation (Contributions) Western expansion Imperialism 14th Amendment (Wong Kim Ark) Civil rights - Exclusion laws Women’s rights Asian American movement of the 60’s Culture and Identity Recognizing that a lot of material exists already, the committee is setting its task to gather the best and…


Virginia Conference for the Social Studies

The annual Virginia Conference for the Social Studies was held on Oct. 16-17 in Norfolk, Va., and for a 3rd consecutive year, the 1882 Foundation presented a workshop -- this time on the 50th Anniversary of the Immigration and Nationalization Act (Hart-Celler). Our recognition of this legislative milestone dovetailed well with the major theme of the Conference: looking at history from multiple perspectives. A key component of the workshop was to connect the Hart-Celler Act to the civil rights movement and, in particular, the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts…


Civil Rights & the 1965 Immigration and Nationalization Act (Hart-Celler)

Teacher Workshop, Oct. 2, 2015 The 1882 Foundation and the Alexandria Black History Museum collaborated on a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of landmark legislative acts that have transformed America over the lat half-century. As part of the week's activities, teachers from Alexandria City schools participated in a full-day workshop entitled The World Comes To Us: A Fresh Look at What we Teach and the Students We're Teaching. A variety of sessions were designed to recognize the intersection of the African American experience and civil rights with that of…


Young Historians Project

Nothing works better at getting students interested in history than having them become historians themselves. We all long to feel the excitement of uncovering something new, of getting our hands on a real document proving who we are or where we came from. We learn by seeing something through a different set of eyes, appreciating the work or experiences of someone by reading their stories, studying photos. or touching objects they touched. That's what the Smithsonian's Young Historians Project has students do in connection with searching…


Curriculum Corner News

Back in May, participants at our 3rd 1882 Symposium heard from Social Studies specialists in Alexandria City and Fairfax County, Va. about ways in which we can highlight Asian American stories and make it more likely that teachers will use them as examples within their courses. We have been working on ways to influence state boards of education and legislators to be more inclusive of the role Asian Americans have played in the history of the United States. A key emphasis has been on showing that…

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