1882’s Ting-yi Oei Honored as Virginia Asian Advisory Board’s Community Leader of the Year

On September 13th, the 1882 Foundation's very own Curriculum & Education Director Ting-yi Oei was honored as the Virginia Asian Advisory Board's Community Leader of the Year. The award recognized Ting-yi's contributions and dedication to honoring the 150th anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad, officially recognized by the state of Virginia on May 10th, 2019. Ting-yi was nominated by Ted Gong, our executive director, to honor his work done through 1882 as Curriculum & Education Director with education programming and workshops throughout Virginia public…


Celebrating Wong Kim Ark: The Legacy of Birthright Citizenship

Shedding light on the topic of birthright citizenship, this podcast explains Wong Kim Ark’s lasting legacy and how the establishment of birthright citizenship has affected the American view on immigrants (Chinese-Americans in particular). Join Jamelah, Abby, and Amy as they discuss immigrant portrayal in political cartoons, the "anchor baby" narrative and its double standards, and finally, the latest US policy regarding immigration. Works Cited Political Cartoons Smart Slider with ID: 5


1882 Foundation Completes “Traveling Film Seminar” With Grant from Virginia Humanities

Beginning with a Teachers Workshop for educators in Arlington, Virginia in August 2017 and finishing with a screening of PBS’s American Experience: “The Chinese Exclusion Act,” at the WCVE studios in Richmond in October 2018, the 1882 Foundation introduced a variety of audiences to a number of short films illuminating a cross-section of the Chinese American experience. The grant from Virginia Humanities provided for the showing of the films along with presentations and discussions led by filmmakers, scholars, authors, and others to help teachers and…


Winter 2018 Update

In November, Ting-Yi Oei presented at the Virginia Council for the Social Studies Conference in Richmond in November for the 4th consecutive year. The theme of the Conference was “Uncovering the Past to Empower the Future.” The workshop the 1882 Foundation presented fit perfectly into that theme illustrating how landmark Supreme Court cases involving Asian Americans (notably Wong Kim Ark v. the U.S., Gong Lum v. Rice, and Bhagat Singh Thind v. the U.S.) have shaped our understanding about citizenship, equal opportunity, and equal treatment…


Arlington County Teachers Workshop

The Traveling Film Seminar began its road show in Arlington, Va. this past Tuesday, August 29, 2017. Forty teachers turned out for the workshop and proved to be a very engaged and appreciative audience. Made possible through a grant from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, the workshop, titled "Recruited, Excluded, and Sort of Included." featured two films, Through Chinatown's Eyes: April 1968 and Finding Cleveland. Presenters included filmmaker Larissa Lam (Finding Cleveland), Harry Chow (DC resident in 1968 and featured in Through Chinatown's Eyes...), Ting-Yi Oei, Education…


Chinese American Experiences in History and Short Films: A Traveling Seminar

Join 1882 Foundation for the first installment of our traveling seminars. Seminars feature short documentary film screenings, expert speakers, discussions of key historical themes, and lesson plans for educators. The first session is geared towards teachers and the second session towards the general public (though all are welcome to attend either). The seminars will shed light on the Chinese American experience, what it means to be American, and why that story and that of all Asian Americans must be told. FIRST SESSION: Recruited, Excluded, and (sort…