1882 Foundation Event Review: Literature Corner Brown Bag Lunch Series

Event Review: Brown Bag Lunch Discussion of "Racist Love"August 10, 2017The Literature & Art division of the 1882 Foundation hosted a Brown Bag lunch to discuss a writing by authors Frank Chin and Jeffery Chan entitled "Racist Love," on August 10, 2017.  A feature of the discussion was the tie-in of the content of this article to the recent movie, "Get Out," led by visiting Georgetown University student Patrick Lim."Racist Love" was written in the 1970s, but its message is very applicable in today's climate…


Literature Corner: Brown Bag Discussion

Click here for an event recap! Bring your "brown bag" lunch and join a discussion on the term, "Racist Love," as written about by noted authors Frank Chin and Jeffery Paul Chan, and the film "Get Out." No prior knowledge necessary! Discussion will be moderated by visiting Georgetown University student Patrick Lim and Stan Lou, 1882 Foundation Talk Story Director. Find "Racist Love" here https://www.dartmouth.edu/~hist32/Hist33/chin%20Racist%20Love.pdf Find Patrick's response article at aapigeorgetown.com Our events are free and open to all. Contact Stan at stangoblue@yahoo.com for inquiries.…


Book Review and Thoughts on “Water Tossing Boulders”

By Stan Lou OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates January 9, 2017   Some of you may know that I read and follow Chinese and Asian American literature faithfully and have written several book reviews. I am also an American Born Chinese (ABC) who grew up in Mississippi during the Jim Crow era when racial segregation was rampant in the South. Consequently, the book, Water Tossing Boulders, written by Adrienne Berard, became a “must-read” book for me. This is a documentation of the story of…

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Chinese American Authors: What They Write About and Why

Stan Lou led a round-table conversation about Asian American literature and explored ideas about what and why authors write in this genre.  He was joined by Veronica Li, a long time OCA member and author of Confucius Says and Andrew Lam, a medical doctor and author of Two Sons of China.  Other writers included Scott D. Seligman, author of biographies on Chinese Americans, and Robert Wells who wrote about Chinese in the mid-1800s.


Andrea Yee: Stories from Gold Mountain — A Mother’s Tails

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV4z2lpSnEQ   Andrea Yee from Berkley, California recounts stories of a son in California from the perspective of a mother's spirit.  Part of the program at the DC Chinese Community Church by the 1882 Foundation after the Chinese Railroad Workers were inducted in the U.S. Department of Labor's Labor Hall of Honor, May 9, 2014.   .