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DC Chinatown in the Seventies was an active place.  Harry Chow should know.  He was a young community activist who had his hand in key activities from practicing Kung Fu to guiding afterschool programs and taking photography, including 8 mm film of events of martial artists contemporary with Bruce Lee.  He continuously worked with the community through the public libraries since then to today.  His house is a veritable storehouse of artifacts and photos of the Chinatown in the Seventies.  Harry provided a glimpse of his material and insights at this Talk Story Event.


2111A decade of emergence, awareness and activity –the Chinatown Mural, youth patrols, Asian American literature, Chinese American consciousness and empowerment– in a vitally alive DC Chinatown.

.Picture4 Chinatown Eastern Winds

Picture3 Chinatonw 70s          2115



















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