1882 Foundation Presents “Through Chinatown’s Eyes, April 1968” at NCSS

The latest presentation of "Through Chinatown's Eyes, April 1968" occurred at the National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference held in Washington, DC on Dec. 2, 2016. Ting-Yi Oei showed the film to 30 teachers and other educators and provided them with a copy of the film and a lesson plan. The lesson plan covers not just the events documented in the film but provides valuable context for the history of the times. Civil rights are at the heart of the events surrounding Martin Luther King's assassination,…


Legacies of Activism in the AAPI Community

Teofanny Saragi discusses her journey as a student activist and the empowerment and inspiration from the stories of countless others throughout history. Featuring a screening of  a documentary film she co-directed and co-produced: Model Minority Mutiny: AAPI Activism at the Claremont Colleges.  


U.S. Senate Apologizes for Chinese Exclusion Act

U.S. Senate Apologizes for Chinese Exclusion Act by Dan Margolis October 11 2011 It's been 129 years since the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was passed, but the Oct. 6 Senate resolution apologizing for it was welcomed nonetheless. The resolution also apologizes for other anti-Chinese legislation enacted in the subsequent 60 years and puts the Senate on record as affirming for Chinese and other Asian immigrants the same civil rights afforded other nationalities. "The enactment of Chinese Exclusionary laws is a shameful part of our history…

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